Windmill Wheels Opening times over Christmas and New Years


Friday 21/12/18 OPEN 10-5.30

Saturday 22/12/18 OPEN 10-5.30

Sunday 23/12/18 CLOSED

Monday 24/12/18 CLOSED

Tuesday 25/12/18 CLOSED

Wednesday 26/12/18 CLOSED

Thursday 27/12/18 CLOSED

Friday 28/12/18 OPEN 10-5.30

Saturday 29/12/18 OPEN 10-5.30

Sunday 30/12/18 CLOSED

Monday 31/12/18 OPEN 10-2.00

Tuesday 1/01/18 CLOSED

Wednesday 2/01/18 OPEN and back to normal hours.

Thank you to all our customers over this past year for there support and business and we hope you all have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Jack, Andrew, Gary, Tim and Guinness.