DT Swiss PR1400 Oxic wheelset review


Whats in the box?

Included with the wheels are DT Swiss famous RWS Titanium 5mm skewers, Swissstop BXP brake pads which is what they recommend with the rim coating, ready installed tubeless rim tape, tubeless valves and a Milkit tubeless valve kit which comes with injector. All you need is a set of tyres and sealant and its a super easy tubeless wheel set up.

The Details

DT Swiss base their factory offerings on parts you can buy from the catalogue. The rim is the same as the 411, hubs are tweaked 240’s with a 36 tooth ratchet upgrade for quicker pick up and spokes are Comp aero straight pulls. This means you get an overall wheelset weight of 1450g. Suited for 25mm tyres the rims are slightly wider than what was the normal. A 21mm rim height with the rear offset for extra stiffness when out of the saddle sprinting and an improved equal spoke tension. The rear hub has also been made wider and has a larger drive side flange for extra rigidity.

Whats Oxic?

OXiC is a process in which a ceramic coating is electrochemically applied to the rim surface, making it extremely hard and wear resistant. The OXiC coating looks high end with a matte black finish which also guarantees the highest level of brake performance in all weathers while reducing wear on the. More about it here too; https://www.dtswiss.com/en/technology/wheel-technology/oxic-technology/

Performance and reliability

In our opinion these are one of the best performing alloy wheelsets on the market at the moment and the best looking with the stealthy OXIC coating. Super fast acceleration, great lateral stiffness and still comfy on the harshest of road surfaces makes the perfect all rounder. The lightweight rear wheel and 36t tooth pick up is noticeable on the climbs, this helps with the efforts! Matched with the right tire and set up tubeless they roll just as fast as some aero wheels out there. The best tyre we have used so far is the Schwalbe Pro One in 25mm width with 30-40ml of Orange Sealant added. The wheels are true and balanced out of the box but we have noticed on a few occasions the spokes do need a bit of re tension after a few hundred miles, this is due to added sidewall stiffness of some tubeless tyres. Braking is fantastic if a bit noisy to start, this soon goes once the rim and pads have bedded in, as for the OXIC coating we have had customers put thousands of winter miles on them and the rims are showing no sign of the coating coming off or wearing. Fitting and setting up tubeless is a doddle as long as you have a good track pump.